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Azir cosplay WIP by DragonGames
Azir cosplay WIP
SURPRISE SURPRISE IM BACK!! AND WITH GREAT NEWS!! I've finally found what I am best at and that is making armor. So I decided to go all out on my first Worbla/armor project by doing Azir from League of Legends! Since I'm 14 I am trying my best to bring it to every con I can this year, including Otakon and Animenext. I'm going to be including all of the details (I'm so OCD about that) iNCLUDING full digitigrade bird legs. I am hoping to accumulate some points or get gifted a Premium membership so I can change my username and get my cosplay career started, if I can XD I'll be uploading a bunch of progress pictures so stay tuned!!
For those wondering why it is gone, DA removed it because I forgot to mention that all characters are 18+ in the story. Ugh I will reupload it to DA and remember to put a ton of warnings and age ratings this time but I'll also upload it to A03 just to let you guys know.
When You're a Heichou by DragonGames
When You're a Heichou
So I finally got someone to take some quick pictures of my Levi cosplay and I'm happy XD I'm considering making a new account for cosplay because there's a ton of useless crap here. 
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
To put it simply, your college roommate wasn’t all that great. He was a grump, never showed any emotion, and loathed to even touch sweets. Seriously, who doesn’t like at least one type of sweet treat? Not to mention he always wore a stupid grey hoodie and almost never took it off, unless he was washing it. You never saw him do it, but somehow he managed to keep everything impeccably clean. It seemed like the only reason you had a male roommate was because they figured a guy like that wouldn’t try anything with a girl of the complete opposite personality. But this, my friend, is the story of how you were completely and utterly wrong.
As you sauntered over to your side of the room, you noticed how much your side differed from that of Levi Ackerman, your roommate. It was like Heaven and Hell, the way his bed was always made and there wasn’t a speck of dust to be found. He managed to do it all before you woke up, too. How did he do it? You had no idea. You always woke up much later and had to rush to get to classes and never once had time to pick up the mess on the floor, whether it was last night’s pajamas or your favorite mangas. Sighing in exasperation, you plopped on your messy and disheveled bed, when Levi walked in and scoffed.
“What the hell is your problem?” you grunted, slightly annoyed at the neurotic guy.
“Can’t you make the bed instead of leaving it looking like a bunch of monkeys had sex in it?” You wanted to laugh because of his smart-ass remarks, but you groaned and ignored him, spreading yourself further out on the bed to further annoy him. After around 5 minutes of laying down bored out of your mind, you got up to go grab breakfast.
“Hey Levi?” you asked, waiting for a reply but being met with a deadpan stare. “Maybe you should take off that stupid hoodie sometime. Nobody ever gets to see what you look like, and who knows, maybe you’ll get a couple ladies so you won’t die alone in a pile of cleaning supplies.” And with that, you left the room and laughed internally for your perfect choice of words.
~ Time skip brought to you by Levi’s abs~
Strolling peacefully back to your dorm after your fabulous apple breakfast, you grasped the handle of the door only to see that it was partially open. Levi normally closed the door for the fear of evil dust bunnies eating his clean sheets, but for some reason it was open. Feeling something was wrong, you poked your head into the door to see something you never expected you would see in your innocent life.
There was your clean freak roommate, Levi Ackerman, on his bed with his pants unzipped and his palm over the bulge in his boxers. His eyes were closed, as if he’d never felt the feeling before in his life. As a slight blush rose to your cheeks, you covered your mouth with your hands. ‘Holy shit. I didn’t know Levi had the hots for someone’ you thought. You had always thought Levi was the kind of guy that payed no attention to females. But who knew, he could have just been jerking off to the thought of sticking a spray bottle up his ass. Trying to give him privacy, you backed away (although it was very hard to peel your eyes away from his oh so large glory) and closed the door carefully, making sure you didn’t make any noise. You calmed yourself down and knocked on the door.
“L-Levi?” you softly said, waiting to see his reaction. You heard a slight “Fuck” come from his lips and a zip of his pants before he opened the door, the stupid hoodie stretched down and his back hunched over as he tried to hide his unfinished business.
“What the fuck do you want?” he yelled, not looking you straight in the eyes.
“Um this is my dorm too, you know…” you scoffed, pushing past him to sit on your bed and remove your shoes. He hadn’t bothered to look in your direction once, and had since pulled up his hood to cover his face. He sat on his bed, facing his back towards you.
“Levi, are you having a problem? You seem to be acting weird. Unless, you know, you hurt your back or something. And your hoodie is stretched out more than usual.” You decided to poke fun at him and see how he reacted. He silently stood up and made his way over to you with his head hanging low. He sat down next to you. “Okay something is definitely wrong if you’re sitting on the monkey sex bed.”
He removed the hood, and you could see his slight blush. You knew why he was blushing, he was just about to masturbate for what seemed like the first time. He peered up at you with his gorgeous steel blue eyes. They were severely constricted and you saw an almost carnal desire in them.
“Y/N…” His eyes squinted in lust as he slowly unzipped his beloved hoodie. He threw it over his shoulder into a pile that was already building up in the corner of your bed. What you saw next shocked you. He had no shirt or undergarment on whatsoever, and his beautiful toned chest was visible. His abs rippled in a set of 8. You nearly had a panic attack at the sudden realization that a freaking sex god was your roommate, and was sitting on your bed. And he had actually said your name instead of “you shit” or “fucking idiot”. You covered your eyes with your hands because you thought that any second a stream of blood would shoot out of your nose and onto his clean chest.
You had no idea what was happening, so you just fell back onto the bed hoping it was a dream but then realizing when your hand parted from your face that it was not. Levi layed back as well, propped up on his elbow. He grasped your wrist and placed it on his muscular chest. You felt the ever so amazing muscles ripple beneath your fingers. It was an indescribable feeling, and you were fascinated by how a human could be so perfect. By the reassuring glance he gave you, you were no longer afraid to explore the man that was before you.
You almost couldn’t think straight. You knew this was wrong, you had never gotten intimate with someone before, especially someone who you didn’t think had feelings for you, or anyone. Levi was one of those people who never seemed to be that kind to you, so you wondered why now of all times he’d just randomly get it on with you.
Being too enveloped in the moment to care, you pulled your hand away from his chest and asked, “Levi… I saw you trying to get off…” His eyes widened with the realization that you had seen him failing to jerk himself off.
“You shit. Why the hell where you peeking in the room? Don’t you know to knock? Jesus…” He was getting harder by the minute just thinking about you watching him try to masturbate. He had never had feelings for anyone before so he wasn’t easily aroused. “I was trying to jerk off to the thought of you, you damn brat. Tell nobody. Ever. Or I won’t hesitate to make you regret it.”
You began to blush even more furiously. You also found it quite hilarious that he, being such a sexy man, had never jerked off to the thought of a female. Don’t super sexy guys have hormone issues? Either way, what was happening now was unbelievable. You decided that since he basically confessed to you—although it was quite an unusual way of confessing—you’d help him take care of his little situation. A sudden gleam of lust appeared in your eyes as you propped yourself up and pushed him back against the bed. You climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. He smirked, realizing that you had gotten his message.
“Well then, let’s take care of this,” you reached your hand down to slightly press against his growing erection through his pants, “shall we?”
Like the freaking incubus he was, he pulled your head toward him and whispered in your ear, “We will see how much I can tease you before you’re begging me to fuck you.” It was almost too much for you, he was like a damn sex god and you couldn’t deny how fucking sexy his velvety voice sounded coming from those gorgeous, slightly chapped lips. You just wanted to slam your mouth against his and grind against him for eternity.
He trailed his hands down your waist, and stopped at your hips, lifting up your shirt ever so slightly to circle his thumb around your skin. You couldn’t resist, so you pressed your arms above his shoulders and kissed him hungrily. Being on top, you had the advantage, but he immediately pried your mouth open and slipped his tongue inside. Not being used to the feeling, your eyes rolled back into your head at the shocking, yet incredible feeling of two tongues colliding and battling for dominance. Your clothed breasts pressed against his broad, toned chest and he wanted more contact. Pushing you away, he immediately shifted his wait to flip you both over, your body now on the bottom. He shoved his left hand up your shirt to grasp your breasts through your bra. His right hand explored your back and stomach, caressing every inch of your skin.
You moaned in delight, relishing in the way his touch sent shivers down your spine. He began to grind his hips against your clothed womanhood, making you emit the sweetest squeak he had ever heard.  He continued doing so, removing your shirt in the process. He swiftly unclipped your bra and tossed it with his discarded hoodie. Your reflexes kicked in as you covered your bare and exposed breasts with your hands, blushing like a freshly ripened tomato.
“P-please… be careful…” you whispered, embarrassed and unsure of what to do. Levi grabbed your hands, and being much stronger, was able to pull them away.
“Don’t hide yourself. We both want each other. I won’t hurt you.” Trusting his words, you began to calm down as his hands once again trailed down your sides to hook onto the rim of your pants. He slowly began to pull them down, not once losing eye contact with you. It was almost like you could see the love in his eyes that he had never shown before. You reached your hand up to cup his cheek before you pulled him closer to you and kissed him again, moving your hands to his smooth undercut. You laced your hands into his raven locks and moved your lips against his furiously. You were consumed by lust and pleasure and you needed more of him.
He discarded your pants and grabbed your legs to hook around his waist. He reached around to grab your ass, squeezing and rubbing it slowly. His eyes were closed, as if feeling your ass was the most satisfying feeling in the world.
“This ass is mine. Just so you know,” he said, before delivering a slight slap to your butt. After grinding into you, only a thin layer of clothing separating you from him, he proceeded to remove your underwear, but painfully slow.
“Hey hey hey! Wait a second! I’m almost naked and you still have your pants on. I want to make you feel good too!” you exclaimed, unzipping his fly and roughly pulling his pants down. You beckoned for him to lay back and he did so, spreading his legs as if he was inviting you to come and explore his glory. You happily complied, crawling over to sit between his legs. You started up at his face, planting a quick kiss to his lips before sucking on his nape, immediately finding the spot that made him moan out in pleasure.
“Agh Y/N… Hnng…” He was trying to hold in his noises the best he could, and you had to admit that when he let them out they were so damn sexy and didn’t match his stoic personality at all. They were high pitched but still velvety, making them sound like an angel’s voice was whispering into your ears. You dragged your tongue to his collarbone, licking between it. You planted small kisses down his chest, licking each gulley of his abdominal muscles before trailing down to the rim of his boxers.
“Hm, look what we have here,” you said, looking at the almost fully hard bulge that lie beneath his boxers. You brought your lips to the cloth barrier and kissed it softly, watching his eyes close and mouth open wide in ecstasy. You poked your tongue out to drag against the fabric, watching him moan from the indirect contact. He knew you were teasing him.
“Fucking brat, stop teasing!” he yelled, bringing his hands to finally remove the barrier that constricted his hard cock. “Get on with it.”
You sighed at him, and reminded him that he was the one who wanted to tease you, so you should be able to tease him. As he grunted in annoyance, you finally looked down to see his cock standing tall and proud. “How the fuck does a dick get that fucking huge. You have to be a fucking sex god. There’s nooooo way you can be human,” you said, and watched his expression become confident and arrogant.
“But I know you want it inside of you. Don’t you? You can’t resist.” He said, slowly pushing himself up to press you back against the bed once more. Finishing the job of removing your panties, he stared at your wetness as lust once again clouded his steel blue eyes. Grasping your left breast with his left hand, he massaged it and teased it by caressing his fingers around, not touching the bud that ached to be touched. Continuing to do so, he trailed his right hand down your stomach and to your thighs. He parted them slightly and began to rub you, teasing you by avoiding your clit. He teased your opening by sticking his finger in slightly, and then removing it and thrusting it back in. You brought a hand to cover your mouth to hide your moans. He immediately stopped his ministrations on your sensitive parts and glared at you with his eyebrows furrowed.
“Why did you stop?!” You exclaimed, upset at the lack of contact.
“You are so naughty. You need to listen to me. You need to obey my every word. Let me hear your moans. I want to feel you convulse as I tease you to your limit, until you’re begging for me to bring you to your high only to have me pull away.” He was dirty talking you now, which was pretty much your ultimate weakness. You pulled your hands away from your mouth and beckoned for him to continue. Instead of immediately complying, he flipped you onto your stomach and layed on top of your back. You could feel each muscle pressing against you, as well as his dick against your thigh. You moaned in delight at the realization and begged him to touch you.
Complying with your requests, he caressed your ass cheeks before delivering a hard slap. You moaned in painful delight, as it was more pleasure than pain. He rubbed the spot and then slapped again, before reaching beneath you and touching your clit. He circled it furiously with his fingers, causing your moans to become so intense as you twitched with the contact he was giving you. It was driving you insane, and you felt like you were close.
“L-Levi… agh… im c-close… fuck,” you screamed as he removed his hand, leaving you right on the edge. You were furious with him, and you grunted in aggravation. He smirked and his eyebrows arched in satisfaction.
“Oh Y/N… you’re so lewd, begging me to let you cum. You knew it wasn’t going to happen. I’m going to make you beg to be fucked.” You felt as if his words were so intense that they could send you over the edge. But sadly, words couldn’t give physical contact.
His lips met yours in a quick show of affection. He swiftly licked your jaw and sucked on your neck, triggering your sweet cries of joy. He licked the space between your breasts before taking one bud in his mouth and sucking, flicking the tip with his tongue. Trailing his tongue down your stomach as your back arched, he met your swelling opening and thrusted his tongue inside. Your head immediately shot back, your spine arching as you continuously moaned in absolute pleasure.  He flicked your sensitive bundle of nerves with his tongue, and thrusted two fingers inside of your hole, staring up into your eyes. He curled his fingers in a come hither movement and then pulled away.
“y/N… are you ready for the D?” He smirked, the odd remark rolling off his tongue in an unnatural way.
“Levi, that phrase doesn’t really work for you, no offense,” you laughed, watching his smirk falter into a slightly bummed expression.
“Well then, maybe I should stick to dirty talk.”
You almost choked on your spit, and you knew he had a way with dirty talking that could make you pass out. You blushed and nodded, waiting for him to continue. He pulled your ass up and said, “Get on your hands and knees. Now.” You happily complied. He pressed against you, his dick resting between your asscheeks. He pushed your hair to the side and licked the back of your neck, making sure to leave a hickey as a symbol of his dominance. He once again reached one hand up to play with your breast while the other played with your nether regions.
He listened as you cried out from the immense pleasure he was giving you. His desire was growing quite large as well, and both of you were close to reaching your limits. Levi began grinding against your ass, slightly touching your pussy with each thrust.
“L-Levi I need you NOW. Please… ahhh… HNNG…” you cried.
“Oh really? Is that how much you want my cock?” With those words he began inching his way inside you, before pulling out teasingly. “Tell me what you want, Y/N.”
“I-I… need you…”
“You’ll have to do better than that,” he teased.
“I need your d-dick… inside me…”  The words that came out of your mouth were so lewd that you almost couldn’t let them out.
“What else?” He continued to antagonize you.
“God, Levi… I… I can’t… agh…” He continued to grind against your openings.
“You want me to fill you with my cock, bring you over the edge. You want me to fuck you into the mattress until you can’t walk, until you’ve run out of energy. You want me to touch your pussy while I fuck you all night?” His words caused you to start crying with the incredible amount of pleasure you were receiving. He could tell you were not in pain, so he gently flipped you over and pressed his lips against yours passionately. He massaged your tongue with his and explored your cavern until he knew it by heart. Breaking the kiss, he pushed your legs onto his shoulders and lined himself up with your opening.
“Are you ready?” He asked, a sincere and concerned expression on his face.
You nodded, unable to form words, and felt him ram into you. He went in easily, as you were so wet that being a virgin didn’t matter. He stayed still for a second, getting you used to his incredible size. He began to thrust at a steady pace.
“Fuck, Y/N, you’re so damn tight.”
You could feel his cock sliding against your inner walls, and you screamed out his name as he hit your sweet spot only a few minutes into your rendezvous. Your moans echoed through the room as you reached your hands up to clasp around his neck. You pulled his face towards yours, his hair hanging down and tickling your face. For the first time ever, you witnessed Levi laugh. Both of you laughed together, but the pleasure immediately returned as he began thrusting even faster.
“Y/N… I’m not done…” His words shocked you. He was going to make you wait longer for release? THE FUCK?
Levi flipped you over and grabbed you so your back was pressing against his chest, but you both lay on your sides. He resumed his thrusting and went at a faster pace than ever before. The only sounds that could be heard in the room were the intense moans emanating from both of you and the sound of skin slapping together. His one hand grasped around your waist as the other grabbed your face to meet him for one last kiss as you met your high. His lips moved furiously, as did his hips as he shouted in pleasure.
“Y/N… fuck you feel so good… shit…aghhh!!” With the last godlike moan, his juices shot up inside of you, his thrusts becoming erratic as you also released. Your fluids mixed with his as you both began to calm. He rolled over, bringing you to lay on his chest.
“Levi… why didn’t you just ask me to help you jerk off? There’s a first time for everything, you know.” You smiled, poking his cheek.
“Stop it brat, you’re lucky I even found an interest in someone who’s bed looks like monkeys made love in it,” he said, repeating his hilarious remark from earlier.
“Uh, Levi… you do realize that we just made love in this bed, right? So now you can truthfully say that it looks like someone had sex in it.” You kissed him on the cheek before getting under the covers to spend the rest of your Saturday having sex with the sexiest man on Earth. THE END.
Stupid Ass Hoodie (Levi x Reader College AU LEMON)
Yeah behold this monster that i wrote on my 10 hour drive home from vacation. IM SO SORRY. First Lemon let alone fanfiction (not including the crappy Loki one i wrote a couple months ago) I will note it to you if you want but it is pretty intense so i cant change the mature rating for the fear of getting it removed. TELL ME WHAT YOU ALL THINK.

Levi is c) Hajime Isayama
You c) :iconleviheichouplz:


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